Clay pipe kiln

Clay pipe kiln
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The old clay pipe kiln in Weert where clay pipes were heated in the old days

Places of interest

The clay pipe kiln in Weert is a national monument and the only preserved kiln for baking clay pipes in Western Europe. Located on the Noordkade near the Biesterbrug, this imposing kiln bears witness to the city's rich industrial history.

The kiln was built in 1856 by order of the Trumm-Bergmans pipe factory, which had established itself in Weert a year earlier. In this kiln clay pipes were baked, which were very popular at the time. The pipe factory had a flourishing period and produced millions of pipes a year, which were sold far beyond the country's borders.

The clay pipe kiln a unique piece of industrial heritage

The clay pipe kiln is an important symbol of Weert's industrial history. It is a tangible reminder of the time when the town was an important producer of clay pipes. The kiln is freely accessible and definitely worth a visit. You can admire the kiln from the outside and learn more about the history of the pipe factory and the kiln via information panels.