Cycle racing route: Tour around Weert

Cycle racing route: Tour around Weert
Geurtsvenweg 4
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Cyclists explore the Cycle Racing Route Around Weert

Bicycle Racing Route

The rural and wooded Cycle Racing Route: Tour around Weert is 78 kilometres long and takes you past several villages in the municipality of Weert and through various nature reserves such as the Weerterbos and De Groote Peel.

The greenest cycle racing route - Tour around Weert

From the canal in Weert, head towards Budel-Dorplein. Via the Airpark, you cross the Geuzendijk and cycle through the Weerterbos. From here, you head towards Ospel, known for National Park De Groote Peel. You continue your way around Nederweert-Eind. This will bring you back into the municipality of Weert. You cycle on to the parish of Swartbroek, after which you enter the municipality of Leudal. Here you cycle through villages such as Ell, Hunsel and Haler. Via Stramproy (you are then in the municipality of Weert again), you arrive at Het Blauwe Meertje and nature reserve De IJzeren Man. A real green tour!

Tip for tour cyclists; enjoy coffee and Limburg vlaai (flan) on the way.

This is a round that can be started anywhere on the route.

This route is offered to you by Gemeente Weert and TWC Weert.

Route: 75-100 km.
Route from A to A
Unmarked route


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