Cycling route: Graaf van Horne

Start location: Weert Station
Stationsplein 21
6001 CH

Cycle route

Length 91.5 km.
The Graaf van Horne Cycle route is a 91.5 km route that mainly takes you through nature in and around Weert.

In cooperation with the municipality of Weert, Toer- en Wielerclub Weert has mapped out the Graaf van Horne cycle route on the occasion of the Van Horne year in 2018. The route starts at the train station in Weert and takes you past Kasteel Nijenborgh, a ruin built between 1455 and 1461 by Jacob van Horne. You then pass the Friars Minor Monastery, founded by the same Jacob van Horne.

Along the cycling route you will pass through all the natural areas the Land of Horne has to offer, including the Weerterbos, De Weerterbergen, the IJzerenman, the Blauwe Meertje, the Cuijpersberg, the Laurabossen, the Smeetshof, De Luijsen, the Vosseven, the Tungelerwallen, De Krang, De Banen and the Moeselpeel. For more information about these specific natural areas, click here. Along the route there are several catering establishments where you can enjoy a snack and a drink.

Cycling route: Graaf van Horne

Route: 75-100 km.
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