De Beegderheide

De Beegderheide
Beegderveld 12
6099 NC

Area of natural beauty

On the edge of the Maas valley lies the Beegderheide nature reserve. The Beegderheide is an area with a large variety of open heathlands and enclosed forests.

Characteristics of the Beegderheide

Characteristic for the Beegderheide is the rich relief and the large number of small and large fens. Moreover, the Beegderheide is a haven for a motley array of plants and animals, including some rare and endangered species such as the field cricket, moor frog, and various salamander and dragonfly species. The sparrow hawk, goshawk, and woodpeckers also nest in the woods annually, and the extremely rare Phegea butterfly is found here en masse.

A unique piece of nature

On Beegderheide a unique piece of nature has been recreated with varied deciduous and coniferous forest, a sand drift, a number of moors and several fens. Parts of the terrain are grazed and are therefore fenced off. Part of the Beegderheide is the Lange Vlieter, a gravel pit that is used as a reservoir for the drinking water supply.

Various walking and cycling routes run through the Beegderheide, giving visitors the opportunity to explore this beautiful and diverse nature reserve.



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