De Rouwkuilen

De Rouwkuilen

Area of natural beauty

De Rouwkuilen is a wonderful nature reserve in Ysselsteyn. The 56-hectare nature reserve has the most beautiful spots in the area around Ysselsteyn.

The nature reserve consists of a 5-hectare large fen with another 5 hectares of riparian zones It is an isolated coniferous woodland and has a nutrient-poor character but because of this you will find beautiful plants such as the round sundew, peat fluff and heather that can survive well in this area. The Rouwkuilen is known as an area with a particularly high degree of acidification. Not only is it situated in the middle of the northern Peel, one of the most acidic regions of the Netherlands, but it is also directly surrounded at a short distance by a number of intensive livestock farms including a large chicken farm right next to the reserve. Discover the beautiful nature here!


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