Equestrian route Roerdalen - Pub tour

Equestrian route Roerdalen - Pub tour
Venhof 2
6075 NE
Pub tour

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Route: 16.7 km. The equestrian route takes you from Rijstal Venhof in eastern direction National Park de Meinweg. Along the way cozy pubs for a stop.

Discover the natural beauty of Roerdalen

Enjoy a beautiful ride through beautiful forests, heaths and fens landscapes. Along the way you can stop at cozy pubs for a refreshing drink. Discover special sights, such as the Turfkoelen and the statue of Saint Ludwig. Much of the route runs along the historic Iron Rhine.

150 km Great Riding and Cycling Network.

This route is part of the municipality of Roerdalen's extensive 150 km Great Horseriding and Riding Network. Ideal for horseback riding enthusiasts who want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and peaceful nature. Enjoy every moment during this enchanting ride!

Route: 10-20 km.
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