Farm shop Genaenhof

The Genaenhof farm shop
Weighing local produce in a bag on the scales
Woman fills shelves at Genaenhof farm shop
The Genaenhof farm shop product range
Bouquet of flowers at Genaenhof farm shop

Regional Products

Genaenhof's farm shop sells local produce from its own vegetable garden.

The Genaenhof farmyard shop

The heirloom shop sells vegetables from its own kitchen garden. The vegetables are grown in a regenerative manner. Fruit, berries and nuts, which are present seasonally on the farm, are also harvested for the shop. Jams, juices and applesauce are made from these fresh produce. Tea herbs from the tea garden are dried and packaged for sale. 

There is also a small apiary at Genaenhof. Candles and salves are made from the beeswax resulting from this apiary, which are in turn sold in the farm shop. Visitors using Genaenhof's rest area can feast on a small range of drinks.

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