Landgoed Beijlshof

Landgoed Beijlshof
Beylshof 1
6095 PC

Area of natural beauty

Landgoed Beijlshof

Hoeve Beijlshof is surrounded by forest, meadows and farmland intersected by two streams, the Reydtbeek and the Tungelroyse beek.
De Beijlshof estate is freely accessible to walkers on roads and paths. Dogs are allowed along on a leash. A white hiking trail of 3.5 km runs across the estate.

Beijlshof estate is varied. A small area contains both coniferous and deciduous forests and agricultural land. Higher deciduous forest is partly on relatively nutrient-rich soil, which is reflected in the occurrence of yellow nailwort, dalewort and muskwort. The coniferous forests contain local blueberry and many-flowered field rush. Characteristic birds are black woodpecker, nuthatch and tree creeper. They prefer the large beeches and oaks that also occur in remaining avenues. Some pedunculate oaks are as much as 3.70 m in circumference.

Beijlshof estate is an important link in a row of nature reserves in central Limburg. Via the Groote Bedelaar and Exaten, an almost contiguous nature reserve up to the Leudal is present.


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