Nature reserve the Weerterwoods

Het Weerterbos
Heugterbroekdijk 34
6031 LE

Area of natural beauty

The Weerterwoods is an extensive nature reserve in the municipality of Nederweert. Many red deer live in this special piece of Limburg nature.

The Weerterwoods

The Weerterwoods forms a central element in a very extensive belt of forest and heathland areas. Besides the Weerterwoods proper, several traditionally differently named subareas belong to the reserve. In the northwest of the Weerterwoods lies an area of open grassland. The area consists of wet and dry forests, grassland plots and small heaths.

Spotting red deer

Scattered are restored fens and central in the area is the grassland enclave converted into a nature reserve with a watchtower, from where you can now see the many red deer. In fact, the Weerterbos is a "red deer hotspot. If you want to spot these special animals, you would do well to spend a day in the Weerterwoods.


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