Nature reserve Wellensteijn

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Hiking trail through the nature reserve Wellensteijn
Close up of a hawk

Area of natural beauty

Nature reserve Wellensteijn is a 48-hectare area southeast of Nederweert-Eind. It consists mainly of coniferous forest, containing some small heathland areas.

Nature reserve Wellensteijn

The coniferous forest of nature reserve Wellensteijn is mainly home to Scots pines, as well as Norway spruce, Douglas fir and Japanese larch. Over the years, the forest has become a breeding ground for small songbirds such as goldfinches, black tits and tufted tits. Hawks and buzzards use the forest as a base for hunting flights in the surrounding landscape. The paths in the forest are freely accessible to walkers (and leashed dogs). A bridleway also runs through the area.


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