Nature walk: Lucky walk The silence of the forest

Lucky walk The silence of the fores
Roskam 7
6077 NK
Sint Odiliënberg

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The walking route Lucky walk The silence of the forest is 6.5 km long. This walking route starts at the Bergerbos Nature Cemetery. An impressive place where you can walk, whisper and listen in peace.

The nature cemetery is also a place of happiness, because many people find peace here. Along the banks of the Vlootbeek, the route takes you further through the beautiful Munnichsbos. At the edge of the forest, the historic Munnichshoeve is hidden in nature. Via the forest, you arrive at Kasteel Aerwinkel. This romantic country house was built in 1854 by the famous Roermond architect Pierre Cuypes. Kasteel Aerwinkel is also a place of happiness.

Route: 5-10 km.
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