Nature Walk Neer: Hanssum

Hanssum wandelroute Neer
Kerkplein 4
6086 BK

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Length: 7.2 km. From the village of Neer a lovely walk in the direction of the Meuse and harbour, in the Hanssum area. Magnificent view of the Meuse and the village of Beesel.

The Maasfront Hanssum fulfils an important connecting recreational link between the steep edge in the north of the municipality and the nature and recreational opportunities to be developed in the Maas valley between Buggenum and Neer on the south side.

In addition, Maasfront connects Beesel on the east bank with the unique brook valley landscape on the west side. The Maasfront Hanssum is therefore part of the tourist product Maasplassengebied.

You start from the church square in Neer. You walk via the Spuitjes street towards walking junction 22 and then towards junction 7 etc.

You can also start from I-point XXL Boothuis de Troost at the harbour in Neer.

Route: 5-10 km.
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