Nature Walk Weerterbos: Yellow

Nature Walk Weerterbos: Yellow
Heugterbroekdijk 34
6031 LE
Nature Walk Weerterbos: Yellow

Walking/hiking routes

Length: 9 km. The yellow walk is recommended for those who want to link the Weerterbos with the neighboring Hugterheide area. You will pass the wildlife tower, the border church and see a nice piece of the Hugterheide forest.

Red deer

Red deer are common in the Weerterbos, making it very likely that you will encounter them. This area used to be very marshy because of its low elevation, making it difficult for water to drain away. As the oldest forest area within the Weerterbos Nature Reserve, it consists mainly of forest and open areas.

The estimated duration of the hike is about 2 hours and 20 minutes. The landscape varies from heath to forest (deciduous and coniferous), with ponds, ponds and marshy areas, and the terrain is mostly flat. This route is considered suitable for hikers with a little more experience.

Route: 5-10 km.
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