Paardekop Ysselsteyn

Paardekop Ysselsteyn
Aan de Paardekop
5813 AT

Area of natural beauty

Discover the De Paardekop forest, nature and recreation area in Ysselsteyn. The unique thing about De Paardekop is that the area lies slightly higher than the surrounding area.

It is not known where the name Paardekop comes from. There are several stories about it, for example that a big battle took place here in which not only warriors, but also many horses died. They would have been buried in a grave that has the shape of a horse's head. In any case, a battle hammer has been found in this area that is thousands of years old.

The area has 200 hectares of beautiful nature. On and around De Paardekop you will find various recreational facilities such as a watchtower, a special 'nature trail' and various hiking, cycling and horseback riding routes. There is plenty to discover in the De Paardekop area of Ysselsteyn. 


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Horse riding trails
Horse riding trails