Recreational lake Paardsplas

Recreational water

The Paardsplas is a gravel pit that was created by gravel extraction. It lies near Plas Hatenboer and Zuidplas. Through the entrance between the Zuidplas and the Paardsplas you come on the Maas. Via the bridge at Plas Hatenboer you come at the Noorderplas, there is Area x with many nice beachclubs.

Hermus watersport Roermond is situated at the Paardsplas. Tranquillity is the most important feature of this harbour. There is a lot of nature and water around. The harbour has space for pleasure yachts from four to fourteen metres. This tourist harbour has 220 permanent places, 20 places for passers-by and one trailer slipway. There are two cafés/restaurants within walking distance just outside the marina. There is also a full range of shops, petrol stations and sheds, as well as technical services for boats and motorbikes.

At Sloepverhuur Roermond, you can hire a sloop without a skipper, a rubber dinghy or a kayak. The kayak is brought to the lake, you don't have to do a thing. The boats can be rented for half a day. This is great fun to discover the Maas Lakes on your own for a change.

Communual ablutions
Catering facilities available
Boating permitted
Marina available
Parking available


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