Recreational water plas Hatenboer

Plas Hatenboer
Brug plas Hatenboer
Camping Hatenboer

Recreational water

Plas Hatenboer is located at the Zuidplas and the Paardsplas, and has a passage to the Maas. This lake is suitable for various types of water recreation. You can moor your boat and stay overnight.

The Hatenboer Lake is home to the Hatenboer Camping and Marina. There is room for 350 caravans and campers and the marina has room for 430 boats. 390 permanent places and 20 places for passers-by. There are also 2 trailer ramps. A little further on is Hermus watersport Roermond. Peace and quiet is the most important feature of this marina. There is a lot of nature and water around it. This tourist harbour has 220 permanent places, 20 places for passers-by and one trailer slipway. There are two cafés/restaurants within walking distance just outside the marina.

At Plas Hatenboer you can swim, sail, surf, fish and water ski. All conceivable water sports can be practised here. At Camping Hatenboer you can hire a Sunliner boat for a day, so that you can explore the Maas Lakes in a fun way. The surrounding area is known for its rich culture and nature. You can also enjoy walking and cycling via nodes. Check out our different walking and cycling routes in Roermond.

Catering facilities available
Watersports permitted
Waterskiing possible
Boating permitted
Fishing permitted
Marina available


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