Rijkelse Bemden

Recreational water

Gravel lake the Rijkelse Bemden was created by large-scale gravel extraction. Here you will find the transition from sand to gravel lake. An interesting fact: the Maas here is relatively narrow due to the break in the Peel rim. The Rijkelse Bemden used to be two low-lying terraces that were used as grassland.

The water has a surface area of 27 ha and the land 8 ha. Nowadays, many birds can be spotted here, such as the Great Crested Grebe, the Graylag Goose and many other species.

This gravel lake is a great place for walking and cycling. From the Mussenberg in Neer you have a beautiful view over the Maas and the Rijkelse Bemden and you can walk further between the beautiful meadows. A beautiful walking route that comes along the Rijkelse Bemden is the walking route Beesel: Between Mortel, Maas and Swalmdal. Furthermore the gravelplas de Rijkelse Bemden are also suitable for fishing.

Fishing permitted


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