The Sweeltje

Broekweg 2
6065 CP
The Sweeltje

Area of natural beauty

The nature reserve Het Sweeltje, with an area of 118 hectares, is located between Montfort and the German border, along the Vlootbeek.

Hiking and Biking Opportunities

The Sweeltje is freely accessible to pedestrians via roads and paths, where leashed dogs are welcome. In addition, there is a beautiful red hiking trail in the area, where nature lovers can fully enjoy all the beauty the area has to offer. In addition, there are several bicycle junctions available for cycling enthusiasts.


The Sweeltje has a nutrient-poor and dry sandy soil. The area consists mainly of coniferous forest, dominated by Scots pines, with here and there emerging young rough birch, rowan berries and pedunculate oaks in the undergrowth. Some small heather remnants can still be found in the forest. More deciduous forest is developing along the banks of the Vlootbeek. The forest edges of The Sweeltje are home to birds such as the yellowhammer and tree pipit. The abundance of Scots pine attracts specialists such as the crested tit, which is found primarily in pine forests. An occasional black woodpecker visits from the adjacent Munnichssbosch.

The Vlootbeek

The Vlootbeek has deep incisions in its surroundings. It now serves as habitat for several common fish species and amphibians, including the brown frog. The area is of great importance in terms of insects. During the summer months, you can sometimes see several monarchs flying around over flowery grasslands. Near growth sites of the great burnet is the only native population of the dark burnet blue, a rare butterfly in Europe.


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Places of interest