Terrace Café Kanters

Café Kanters
Maasstraat 5
6049 CB
Café Kanters
Café Kanters
Café Kanters


This cozy Limburg café, located in the hamlet of Ool, is well worth a visit.

From the beautiful terrace, the skyline of the cultural-historical Episcopal city of Roermond is visible in the distance. 

In this idyllic place on the banks of the Meuse and the Maasplassen you can enjoy a nice tapped glass of real Limburg beer in peace.

Café Kanters also has a room 'De Lange SJtal' where up to 70 people can attend (staff) parties. Booking in advance is a must!

Its location on the bicycle/pedestrian ferry "Biej Ool euver" with its cycling hub 92 makes it an ideal resting place for cyclists.


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