Terrace Munstercafé

Munsterplein 17
6041 HE
Terrace Munstercafé
Koffie Munstercafé



The Munster Café. Known for its hospitality, its location on the always pleasant Munsterplein and of course for its delicious food and drinks.

Located in the heart of the city center on the beautiful Munsterplein, the Munstercafé is one of the most popular meeting places in Roermond. At all parts of the day it is pleasantly busy, both inside and outside on the terrace, with guests enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a nice cup of coffee during or after shopping in Roermond.

In all its size, the Munsterkerk looks down on the square with its cozy terraces and visitors. An old church as part of the Munster Abbey built in the early thirteenth century with many scars acquired over the centuries. The last was the earthquake in 1992 in which both choir towers were badly damaged.

Music as the amuse-bouche of an exciting dish. During the summer days, various musical activities take place at the kiosk on Munsterplein. A nice opportunity to come and grab an extra terrace during one of the summer days. On Saturdays in particular, there are various music companies that treat visitors to their often surprisingly beautiful music.


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