Thorn: the little white town

Guided tour along stately monumental buildings, white-painted houses and through winding streets and alleyways paved with cobble stones. During the tour, the guide will elaborate on the unique history of Thorn.

Thorn was the capital of a tiny kingdom for some 800 years. This was where the 'stiftsdames' (canonesses) ruled and lived, led by a princess- abbes.
Thorn had its own mint and its own justice system until the arival of the French in 1794.
The historic centre of Thorn with its white houses is now a preservation site.
Together with the VVV tour guide you will look for traces of Thorn's striking past. And why are all the houses white? That too will become clear during this tour.

€ 57,50 per tour guide

*Administration fee € 5,50

Please note:
*Duration tour: 1 1/2 hours
*The tour can be extended with a visit to the Abbey church and/or the regional museum
*Max. 20 persons per tour guide 
*Surcharge per half hour extra € 12,50 per tour guide
*For last-minute bookings (within 7 working days) we charge a double administration fee

For more information or reservations please contact
T: + 31 (0)475 330289

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Wandeling door het witte stadje Thorn
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