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Regional Products

At Vinea Cura we work with people who are distanced from the labour market. Each at their own level and according to their own needs, because only then can you really be who you are.

Vinea Cura vineyard

The company consists of the vineyard, which is worked all year round, and the newest addition: restaurant Helden van Helden. Interested in the possibilities that care vineyard Vinea Cura has to offer? Then come and visit the vineyard!


Vinea Cura's vineyard puts quality before everything else. The aim is to allow the vineyard to grow the best possible grapes. To achieve this goal, no concessions are made during the season. With every decision affecting quality (and there are several a day), the path that leads to the best grapes is chosen. An important role here is played by viticultural consultant Stan Beurskens. He visits the vineyard with great regularity to watch the growth of the grapes with his expert eye and to help think about vineyard management.

Under the inspiring leadership of Emile and Bram, the plants receive all the care they deserve. The helping hands of the clients make it possible to put so much time and work into the vineyard that the grapes harvested are of absolute top quality. This results in beautiful wines! An additional benefit of the hard work on the grapes is that the vineyard is a beautifully tended spot, where a good glass of wine can be enjoyed to the full on the terrace.