How do I select an existing routein the cycling route planner?

Fietsen Maashaven Neer

Help with using the cycling route planner

In addition to creating your own route, you can also choose from existing routes using the cycle route planner. Below is a description of how to select one of these customised routes in the bike route planner and save it. You can also choose to return directly to the cycling route planner for North and Central Limburg.

Simply choose an existing cycle route

To save you the trouble of drawing up your own route, we have already compiled the most beautiful ones for you. You will also find these in the map in the route planner under the heading 'The most beautiful route'. All the red circles that appear represent the composed routes. You can also choose to make specific places, such as places of interest or cafés, visible on the map. That way, you can see exactly what you are passing by during the cycle route!

Bestaande routes

Save your selected route easily

When you have selected a route, choose open to get a complete overview of the route. Now you can download or print the route. You can also choose to receive the route in the mail, so that you can cycle it later (note that it may end up in your spam filter).