Bocholt in Belgium

Bocholt, be surprised in Belgian Limburg

In the far north of the Belgian province of Limburg, hidden in the green surroundings, you will find the beautiful municipality of Bocholt. No grand attractions, no overwhelming activities but a pure and ideal place to unwind. Everyone can instantly unwind in these beautiful surroundings.

Nature in Bocholt

Bocholt belongs to the regional landscape Lage Kempen, but is largely located in the regional landscape Kempen & Maasland, namely in the GrensPark Kempen~Broek. This cross-border nature reserve is characterised by its unusual and varied landscape: marshland, hay meadows, forests, stream valleys, heathland, fens, agricultural areas and surprising vistas. An oasis of serenity for nature lovers. Grenspark Kempen~Broek is therefore an ideal base for hikers, cyclists and nature lovers.

A white bovine stands grazing in Smeetshoeve Nature Park

Hiking and cycling

The signposted and scenic cycling, hiking and riding routes, with their beautiful fauna and flora, offer you different ways of getting to know Bocholt and its surroundings. They make Bocholt a true paradise for cyclists, hikers, horse riders and drivers. Besides the Kempen~Broek nature hikes and the offshoot of the Hoge Kempen National Park 'the Abeekvallei', you can also find over 20 municipal hiking trails in Bocholt. Do you prefer cycling? Then you can join the widely praised Limburg cycling route network or one of the five local cycling routes. There are two routes for mountain bikers, connecting to the MTB route of Weert.

Family listens attentively to a guide while hiking in Bocholt

On horseback or by boat

Do you like to go horseback riding? The local bridleway 'Equidroom' takes you through the most beautiful forest paths to open plains, fragrant fields and trees in full splendour.
Or would you like to experience Bocholt from the deck of your boat? You certainly can! Bocholt is located at the canal junction of the Zuid-Willemsvaart and the Bocholt-Herentals canal. If you sail the Willems Route from the Netherlands, Bocholt is the first port you pass on Belgian territory. You will find a small marina, a passing port and a motorhome parking area.

Pleasure yacht moored in Bocholt harbour

Mills in Bocholt and surroundings

Within nature reserve Kempen~Broek there used to be an impressive number of water and windmills, many of which are still preserved. In Bocholt, too, you can still find several water mills and a windmill, which are still in operation. 'Molennetwerk Kempenbroek vzw' ensures that visitors to the Kempen~Broek, besides the quirky and special nature, can also get to know this mill heritage. So put on your hiking shoes and come 'mill hiking' or get on your bike and go 'mill cycling'. An overview of the various mill routes can be found here:

The Sevensmill in Bocholt

Bocholter activities & events

Take a step back into the past and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the tower relocation anno 1910, artisanal mills or in the art of beer brewing. Meet the alpaca, play the craziest farm games or enjoy a sculpture garden filled with copper works of art. Bocholt's event calendar is well filled with activities for young and old. For example, there is the annual St Christopher pilgrimage, a fair with many attractions, a tractor and motorbike show for lovers of (agricultural) machinery, Belgium's biggest beach party, carnival, an indoor Christmas market and many more events.

Boy feeds an alpaca at the Alpacafarm in Bocholt

Visit Bocholt

Take a moment and discover on 'Visit Bocholt' the range of opportunities the municipality of Bocholt has to offer.

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Visit Bocholt

Meisje wandelt over een knuppelbrug in de natuur van Bocholt