The Columns Cabinet

The columns of the Columns Cabinet where a different artwork can be seen on each pillar.

Artworks on the columns of the bridge

Het Zuilen Kabinet (the Columns Cabinet) is a project by Angelo Martinus and Geert Loijen. They have asked graffiti and street art artists from all over the world to take their stage in Weert. By invitation, 'urban artists' were given a free hand in filling a concrete pillar of the Boshover Bridge. Meanwhile, 40 works of art already adorn the columns of the Columns Cabinet. The works on display include those by Weert street art artist Geert Loijen, better known by his stage name 'Sapo'. But there are also productions by foreign graffiti artists to admire.

The Pillar of Fame

Invited street art artists create their own artwork from one of the pillars, but there is one pillar used by all: the Pillar of Fame. This pillar, or column, is signed by all artists after creating their artwork. Slowly but surely, this pillar, too, is thus filled with art.

Pillar of Fame with all artists' signatures

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Weert across the canal from he Columns Cabinet is a free zone where any graffiti artist may come and paint. Unlike the Columns Cabinet, this is a kind of 'practice area' where graffiti/street art artists can grab their own stage. Here, the offer of artworks is constantly changing.

Photo: Johan Horst

Woman is creating a mural on the Hall of Fame in Weert

Street Art Tour

Combine The Columns Cabinet with other outdoor artworks with the Street Art Tour in Weert. This route is about 8 kilometres long and takes you along complete murals, painted electricity boxes and other street art that can be found right through the city centre of Weert. This route can also be partially cycled but beware, as there are also sections where you are not allowed to cycle!

Street Art Tour Weert

Aggressive boy pictured on a pillar of the Boshover Bridge in Weert