Cycling routes in Weert

The extensive junction network and fine cycle paths make for wonderful cycling in Weert and its surroundings. On these paths, you cycle along the most beautiful places Weert has to offer. Using the cycling junctions, you can easily find your way in and around the centre of Weert and the parishes, and no spot will remain undiscovered in this beautiful, green municipality. Take a look below for the most beautiful cycling routes in Weert.

Route 63 km
Route 54 km
Route 71 km
Route 45 km
Route 35 km
Route 43 km
Route 92 km
Route 32 km

Hiking in Weert

Not only are there beautiful cycling routes in Weert and its surroundings, you can also go hiking here. Many hiking routes take you along the most beautiful spots in Weert and its surroundings. Hike through beautiful nature, along the canal and eventually stop in the centre of Weert for a tasty snack and a refreshing drink.

Routes in the municipality of Weert

You can enjoy cycling and hiking in the municipality of Weert on the hiking and cycling routes laid out for that purpose. Besides these routes, you can also find various other routes in the municipality. For example, there are various car routes and motorbike routes available that run through Weert. The forests around Weert are excellent for mountain biking and there are beautiful routes. There are also several routes for horse riders and drivers in the municipality of Weert.