Funfair Weert

Boys sitting in a fairground attraction at the funfair weert

The biggest funfair in Limburg

The funfair Weert is one of the largest fairs in the Netherlands and the largest in Limburg. Among other things, the fair can be found at 7 squares and consists of no less than 130 attractions. Moreover, the funfair in Weert is not only very cosy, but tickets are also cheaper than elsewhere. During the fair, Weert is one big amusement park of entertainment, performances and fun on the terraces. Kermis Weert: big, cheap and cosy!


The funfair Weert is usually in the last weekend of September. So in 2024, the fair will be organised from 27  September to 2 October.

Intangible heritage

The funfair and funfair culture in Weert have been registered as intangible heritage in September 2022.

To the funfair

By car: Weert is best reached by car via the A2 motorway. The city is not far from Belgium either. There are various car parks and car parks in the city centre. 
By train/bus: The Weerter funfair is always crowded, so parking spaces fill up quickly. A good alternative is to come by public transport. Weert's train station is right opposite the fair.
By bike: Always recommended. 

Accessibility for the disabled

Kermis Weert makes it easy for disabled people to get to the attractions. With help from the attraction staff. The Grand Carousel is specially equipped with a wheelchair gondola.

Low stimuli funfair 

So that everyone can enjoy Kermis Weert, a low stimuli fair has been organised for a few years now. This afternoon, stimuli are taken into account, which means that no loud music is played and no bright lights are flashing around.