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Liberation Route Hiking Trails

Liberation Route Europe

The Liberation Route Europe follows the path taken by the Allies during the liberation of Europe. The route starts in the south of England and runs via Normandy, the Ardennes, North Brabant, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Limburg and the Hürtgenwald towards Berlin. The route continues to the Polish city of Gdańsk, where almost two generations later a democratic revolution was launched to end the separation from Europe.

Liberation route sign - hiking trail

Experience the history at the different locations

The Liberation Route Europe lets you experience what happened in 1944-1945. At over 180 locations in the Netherlands, there are field and Maas boulders, the so-called listening places. At each listening location, you can listen to a radio play about the impressive experiences of one or more people during the final years of the war. You can download the stories of these places for free at

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Liberation Route Hiking Trails

The Hiking Trails Liberation Route Europe is an international network of hiking trails from London to Berlin in the footsteps of the Allies during World War II. In Limburg, a continuous route is being worked on, with the theme 'The Liberation of Limburg', connecting Limburg with the Ardennes, the Hürtgenwald and Nijmegen. Along this route, your attention is drawn to the listening locations and other important places that are connected to the theme. Shorter detours also make local memories of the liberation of Limburg visible. The route planner on and later also a special app will indicate the routes that are easy to follow via the walking junctions.

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Vector of Memory

Important places along the way are marked with a so-called Vector of Memory. A landmark along the route. This can be a wall or a floor vector. As soon as the routes and the detours have been digitised, you will find them here on this page.

Vector from the hiking trails