Archaeological Cycle Route Venray - The eastloop

Archeo Route - The eastloop of Venray
Mgr. Coumansplein

Cycle route

Length: 36 km. Discover the exciting history of Venray. Experience the stories behind archaeological finds with your smartphone. Stand eye-to-eye with a virtual archaeologist and discover secrets of Venray that have remained hidden underground until now.

Along the eastloop of the Archaeological Cycle Route Venray you will also pass other heritage sites and beautiful nature in the municipality of Venray. And on the way you can stop at various places to enjoy Burgundian Limburg.

Except at the start, the route completely follows the cycle junction system, namely 17-26-27-15-65-46-61-39-8-7-13-12-18-59-14-58-11-52-38-51-16-64-23. You can start the cycle route at any point on the route. 

Overview of the Archaeological Cycle Route Venray

There are two methods to fully discover the Cycle Route The eastloop of Venray:

1. Use the information leaflet about The eastloop of Venray as a route guide.
This will give you extra information about places you pass along the way. It also shows the route. In addition, open the Archeo Route Limburg app at every Archeo Route Limburg site to experience the stories behind the archaeological finds.
Tip: You can also download the file to your smartphone. 

2. Use the route on your smartphone as a route guide (instead of the folder mentioned above). To do so, click on the download button below, which will land you directly on the route in our route planner. Click on the see and do button below the map. Then tick Archaeological sites. You will then see the locations of archaeological sites on the route. You can start the route on your smartphone via NAVIGATION. To do so, switch on your GPS location. This way you can see exactly where you are on the route. You can also share the route or print it.
Open the Archeo Route Limburg app at the Archeo Route Limburg locations to experience the stories behind the archaeological finds.

Discover various important aspects and finds from the history of Venray at the four Archeo Route Limburg locations. If you follow this route, you will also pass various other sights along the way, such as the Houthuizerbergen, Geijsteren estate and Blitterswijck castle ruins. You can also cycle along the Maas in various places and discover Maaspark Ooyen-Wanssum.

The cycle route The eastloop is an interesting and educational experience for all ages. 

Tips for your smartphone en route

Turn on your navigation and sound.
Make sure the battery of your phone is fully charged and take your powerbank with you if necessary.

Route: 35-50 km.
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