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Cook together, eat together, enjoy together. That's a Cooking on Campfire workshop at BuitenEten. Under guidance, you will get to work on different dishes, which will eventually form a complete meal.


The ingredients are already on the trolley, the materials are on the work tables and the recipes are ready. It's up to you to hook wood, make a fire and cut ingredients. Then the cooking can begin. On the open fire, in the coals and with the Dutch Oven, you prepare the dishes. While enjoying a drink, accompanied by our Texas Longhorn cattle and with plenty of time to chat while the dishes are simmering. When all dishes are ready, it is time to sit down at the long, covered table to enjoy all the goodies you have prepared together.

At BuitenEten, you choose from one of eight different packages. So you can always choose a menu that suits your group. For example, choose the Surf&Turf package, where you prepare various luxury meat and fish dishes and where we provide you with a matching special beer or selected wine for each course. Or opt for the regional produce route, which, as the name suggests, involves cooking with local produce. You will collect these regional products from the farmer and local shops in advance, using our TukTuks, E-Choppers or Carvers. This way, you can see and taste where your food comes from. On our website, you will find a detailed overview of the various packages.

A campfire cooking workshop is suitable for groups of 8 to 30 people

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