'De Bokkenrijders' at Parkhoeve de Middelt

'De Bokkenrijders' at Parkhoeve de Middelt
Ondersteweg 8
5995 PS

Escape Room

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Beautifully situated along the Meuse. An ideal location for active outings with an Escape room, Farmerland Golf, Tandem and Solex trips, Farmerland games and Farmerland hex camp, Archery Attack, Hand Archery, GPS trips and Bubble football.

Try to escape together with your family, friends or colleagues from escape room 'de Bokkenrijders' in Limburg! Go back in time and step into the story of the billygoat riders. Solve the puzzle step by step and get closer and closer to the key. Work together and complement each other, because a good cooperation is a prerequisite to escape within time! Can you crack the code?

The escape room is a popular game in which you are locked in a room as a group. By solving puzzles and assignments, you'll try to find the key to escape in an hour and a half. By combining the escape room with other activities, multiple rounds of activities can take place for even larger groups. With catering on a terrace and cozy indoor spaces.

Escape room 'de Bokkenrijders':
- One and a half hours to escape
- Cozy hospitality and group activities
- For 6 to 12 persons per round