Fortress Bruggen

Burcht Brüggen
Burgwall 4

Castle/Stately home

Imposing medieval castle in the centre of Bruggen.

The castle dates back to 1289. In that year, the castle was mentioned for the first time in a document.
In the year 1350, the castle was expanded to a four-tower structure.
Of the four towers, only the main hall and a tower have survived.
Until the 18th century, the castle was the northernmost border fortress of the Duchy of Jülich.
Next to the castle is the Brüggener Mühle, which served as a flour mill and a batting mill and remained in operation until 1955.

The castle is located in the centre of Brüggen.
The hunting and natural history museum has been located in the castle since 1979.
Tourist information is also located here.

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