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Area of natural beauty

The Molenplas is a special Maasplas in the Maasplassen area. The lake was created from the last traditional gravel extraction.

Nature has developed rapidly here. Special birds have been spotted in the area. Beavers also live there. Special plants flourish at the pond. The Galloway cattle and Konik horses, through their grazing behaviour, create varied nature.

The Molenplas area is a walkable area. This means that walking is allowed everywhere, including off the paths. Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a leash. For those who do not like to stroll, a gravel path has been laid around the lake. The walk takes over two hours and takes you across a bridge and stepping stones. At high tide, parts of the path may flood and the path is not passable or only passable with boots.

Several tree circles have been placed at the Molenplas. From the Hompesche Molen, the first tree monument can already be seen. They are oaks that were buried under the gravel of the Maas 1,500 to 2,000 years ago and thus remained preserved. During the gravel extraction from which Molenplas was created, these black trees came to the surface. In memory of the days of yore, they have been placed here as a monument and landmark.


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