Nature reserve de Koningssteen

Nature reserve de Koningssteen
Polish Konik horses in nature in nature reserve de Koningssteen
Konik horse grazing next to a footpath
Bushes on the bank of the Meuse in nature reserve de Koningssteen
Tour boat sails on Maasplassen

Area of natural beauty

Just outside Thorn lies the nature reserve de Koningssteen. The area is one of the oldest nature development projects along the border Maas, which forms the natural border with Belgium there.

Galloway cattle and Polish Konik horses

A herd of Galloway cattle belonging to Natuurmonumenten and a harem of Polish Konik horses belonging to the Belgian Limburg Landscape graze in Koningssteen. Their grazing ensures that hardwood riparian forest, thorny scrub and herb-rich grasslands develop side by side. Nature reserve de Koningssteen is freely accessible all year round, between sunrise and sunset, including off the paths. It is a great place for hikers.


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Horse riding trails
Horse riding trails
Horse riding trails