Recreational water Daler oe plas

The Daler oe plas was created by gravel extraction. This lake is 50 hectares in size and has an open connection to the Maas, which means that the composition of the fish stock can change quickly. The exotic blackmouth gudgeon is found in large numbers here. Night fishing is not permitted.

The depth varies enormously in this lake, from very shallow to very deep (approx. 30 m). Furthermore, the western banks slope steeply and are covered with rock dumps. In contrast, the eastern banks have a very gentle slope. They are mainly covered with sand, in some places also with reeds and overhanging bushes and trees.

Near this lake is the day-beach de Steenberg. Admission is free at this natural pool and sandy beach. Dogs are not allowed here. From the beach, you have a view of the De Spaanjerd marina. At the Marec marinas, there are plenty of recreational opportunities on and around the water at the Grensmaas in Belgian Limburg. When it gets hot, you can enjoy a cocktail on a sun-drenched terrace.

Communual ablutions
Catering facilities available
Sports equipment for hire
Watersports permitted
Boating permitted
Fishing permitted
Marina available
Bootkraan aanwezig
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Contact and location

Dalerweg 1