Riding and driving route Well

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Drivers in Well

Horse and carriage route

Route: 20.34 km. The driving route Well starts at the parking lot Knikkerdorp and runs along the Maas to Leukermeer. Here you have beautiful views over the water.

Explore Well on a horseback

The route of the driving route Well starts at Parking Place Putjesberg Maasduinen. Here you first drive along forest edges and meadows for a bit before reaching the Maas. You ride along the Maas for a bit and here you have a nice view of the Maaspark Ooijen Wanssum. 

Also nearby is Well Castle. The trail does not pass directly by here, but of course you could take a look. Following several paths along fields and meadows you arrive at beachbad Seurenheide. This is a small lake next to the larger Leukermeer.


Your route continues around Leukermeer. Here you will see many recreationalists during the summer months; as this is a water sports area. On the lake boats, canoes and pedal boats pass by, but the beach is also often crowded. Near the campsite there are several catering establishments with beautiful views over the water.

You also pass the lock that connects Leukermeer to Reindersmeer. Here too is an opportunity for a break by the water at Bosbrasserie In de Sluis. The route then follows the same path along the Maas back to the starting point in Well.

Route: 20-25 km.
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