Sinterklaas at MariaOord

Sinterklaas at MariaOord
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At the end of 1944, the civilian population of Gennep had already been evacuated, but about 800 patients and caregivers were still staying in the two sanatoriums of the town. The lack of everything became increasingly pressing, and food had to be searched for daily during raids in the surrounding area. As if that wasn't enough, December 5th was also approaching, and the situation did not become any brighter.

Sinterklaas at MariaOord

In the twentieth century, tuberculosis was also a major problem in the Netherlands. To help patients, the Mariaoord sanatorium opened its doors in Gennep in 1918. It grew into a large spa with more than a hundred beds and a post-treatment facility called 'Zon-licht-heide'. But in September 1944, civilians had to evacuate, and the residents of Gennep had to leave during the week of October 15th. Mariaoord and 'Zon-licht-heide' remained open for a while due to the fear of contamination and became sort of islands in the abandoned Gennep. Sometimes shells fell, and after Sinterklaas, both institutions were evacuated at the end of December.

Ommetje Hiking Trail

Ommetje Gennep 9,2 Km Hiking Trail Limburg. Discover the WWII sights of Gennep and Limburg during a hiking trail along the Martinustoren, Ellen Hoffmannplein, Highlander Bridge, and more.