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Recreational water

Zuidplas is a wetland nature reserve consisting of water, rough grasslands and willow thickets. It is 191 ha in total. In winter, this is an important wintering area for large groups of water birds such as tufted and tufted ducks. In the summer, the Zuidplas is a busy recreational area with mooring places.

Various types of water sports are practised and the lake is home to an international competition sailing course. There is also a water sports school and a water sports shop at Zuidplas. Around the lake, there are several restaurants of high quality. There is also a marina. Parallel to the road along the Lateral Canal is a strip of grazed nature reserve.

In this recreation area you can enjoy diving. You need to register before you dive here. You can park there (un)guarded. There are also showers, a rinsing area, jetty, toilets, restaurant and a transport cart for your diving equipment. For divers, there are fish to be spotted such as perch, carp, catfish, eel, pike, zander, roach, salmon, crayfish and sunfish. At enjoy diving, boats and canoes can also be hired for a fun trip on the Zuidplas.


Communual ablutions
Catering facilities available
Free parking
Sports equipment for hire
Watersports permitted
Diving possible
Boating permitted
Fishing permitted
Marina available


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