Meeting venues in Limburg

Limburg is a popular destination for meetings, gatherings and conferences. Its central location and the presence of modern and professional meeting venues make it an excellent place for a business meeting. In the overview below, you will find meeting venues in Limburg.


Meeting venues for international meetings

Limburg has a very central location in Europe and is easily accessible by both car and public transport. The province is well connected to the rest of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, making it the ideal meeting venue for international meetings. The meeting locations are equipped with all necessary facilities such as audiovisual equipment, wifi and catering. They often also offer additional facilities such as wellness, gyms and swimming pools, allowing meetings to be combined with teambuilding activities.

Beautiful surroundings and hospitality

Limburg offers a beautiful setting for business meetings. The province is rich in nature, cultural heritage and historical sights. This offers the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings while meeting and to relax for a while during a walk in nature or a visit to a historic building. In addition, the people of Limburg are very hospitable and friendly, ensuring a warm welcome for guests coming to the province for meetings. Moreover, there are plenty of local restaurants and cafés where participants can enjoy local Limburg cuisine with delicious regional products.