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Boundary stone Susteren

Discover the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

There is a special place in Limburg where you can walk from Belgium to Germany within a short time. Here, in the narrowest part of the Netherlands, lies Echt-Susteren. When visiting Echt-Susteren, you can really taste the Burgundian Limburg atmosphere with its hospitality, picturesque villages and beautiful nature.

Themed walks in Echt-Susteren

Enjoy unique (city) walks in the narrowest part of the Netherlands. For example, discover the special city walk "Edith Stein", which takes you to places of interest in the region. In addition to this walk, we also offer a guided tour of Lilbosch Abbey. During this tour you will get to know the work and way of life of the Cistercian monks, the residents of Lilbosch Abbey. Experience the serene atmosphere and discover the spiritual world of this special place.

Special walks in Echt-Susteren

Museum van de Vrouw

The Museum van de Vrouw (Museum of Women) in Echt is an extraordinary museum. Nowhere else in the Netherlands will you find a museum so completely dedicated to women and their life experiences. With a dynamic approach, this museum brings her stories to life. Through successive exhibitions, women's lives are highlighted and the rich history of the municipality of Echt-Susteren is portrayed. Here, women are given a voice and their contributions to society are highlighted.

Discover the Museum van de Vrouw

Museum van de Vrouw

Limburg Regional Products

One of the most authentic Limburg regional products you can find in Echt-Susteren is the Limburg Monastery Pig, Livar. The pigs here are cared for by the monks of the Lilbosch Abbey. Together with the monks, Livar has found the right balance between respect for nature and profitability. A visit to the abbey is also a truly special experience. Want to know more about the Limburg Monastery Pig or want a tour of the abbey? Then click on the button below. 

Livar Monestary Pigs

Limburg Regional Products

Vineyard de Deelgaarderberg

Also visit Vineyard de Deelgaarderberg located in Maria Hoop. During this delightful excursion, discover the process of wine production and explore the vineyard. After the tour you can enjoy a tasteful tasting of the wines, accompanied by matching snacks. 

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Vineyard de Deelgaarderberg

Relax at the Roosterhoeve!

Hotel Restaurant De Roosterhoeve is a special meeting place in the municipality of Echt-Susteren. The hospitable hotel is situated in a rural location, just 3 minutes from the A2 motorway and close to the Designer Outlet Roermond (20 km) and Maastricht (35 km). With its central location on the Maas cycle route, De Roosterhoeve is a good base for exploring the province. Enjoy hiking and cycling along the Meuse River or go for a fun day of shopping in Roermond. In the evening you can relax in the atmospheric ambiance of the hotel.

Hotel Restaurant Roosterhoeve