Sights of Thorn

Thorn, with its famous white houses and protected villagescape, is a sight in itself. But what else is there to see in the white town of Thorn? Below is an overview of the various sights of Thorn.


Sights in the white town

Walking through Thorn, you realise that this white town has a rich history. The white houses and narrow alleys are a story in themselves, but Thorn's other sights also have an interesting history. Also great fun to visit is the Archeo Route location where, with the help of an app, you experience the story of the archaeological finds that have been made in Thorn. 

Natural beauty

Besides the sights in the centre of Thorn, there are also two nature reserves nearby where there is plenty to see. Rivierpark Maasvallei and nature reserve the Koningssteen. here you will find beautiful vistas along the river Maas, Konik horses and Galloway cattle grazing side by side and beautiful flowers and plants blooming in spring.