Street art Weert

Street art graffiti

Weert is very active in the field of street art. With murals, graffiti and street art, Weert wants to make the storytelling of the city more visible. A number of artists were commissioned as part of the urban storytelling project. They bring the historical stories of the city to life. There are several murals with Van Horne as subject.

The Second World War also got a face of its own. There is also room for well-known fellow townsmen such as Johnnie Hoes. Other graffiti artists have full freedom to express their art in their own way. As in the Hall of Fame Weert where every graffiti artist can take his or her stage. 

Het Zuilen Kabinet

Het Zuilen Kabinet is a project by Angelo Martinus and Geert Loijen. They have asked graffiti and street art artists from all over the world to take their stage in Weert. By invitation, the 'urban artist' was given a free hand to fill in a concrete pillar of the Boshover Bridge.

By now, 40 works of art adorn these pillars. Among others, there is work by the Weert street artist Geert Loijen, better known under the artist name 'Sapo'. But also productions of foreign graffiti artists such as Nash. See here a small selection.

Zuilen Kabinet Weert

Van Horne in graffiti

2018 was the 'Van Horne' year for Weert. It was then 450 years ago that Count Philips van Horne played a leading role in the history of Weert. Just like Lamoraal van Egmond and Willem van Oranje.

Philips van Horne was a nobleman from Weert who was beheaded in 1568 on the Grote Markt in Brussels for high treason and lese-majesty. 

Street art Van Horne

Hushoven bridge

Graffiti is art! The Hushoven bridge in Weert has been a beautiful eye-catcher since 2016. Bridge pillars were then provided with graffiti of world famous street artists like Locatelli and Belin. But also by local street artists such as Nash and Sapo. 

Two years later, the other pillars were given a makeover by Studio Giftig and Sapo. Sapo, or Sjarrel Atlas, depicted a miser as a vèrke, among other things.

Street art Hushovenbrug

The Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Weert across the canal at Het Zuilen Kabinet is a free zone where every graffiti artist can come and paint.

In contrast to the Zuilen Kabinet, this is a kind of 'practice area' where graffiti/street art artists can get their own stage. Here, the offer is constantly changing.

Street art Hall of Fame Weert

Street Art Tour Weert

Make an original, coronaproof walk or bike tour along the different street-art works in Weert.  The route is about 8 kilometres long. Download the route here. NB! If you start at the Muntpromenade 10 in Weert, you are not allowed to cycle there.

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