Autumn in Limburg

Hiker with backpack looks at the colourful autumn forests in Limburg during his hike

Healthy and fit during autumn

The summer holidays are behind us, the sun shows itself less often and the days are rapidly getting shorter. We return to the routine of everyday life. In autumn, there is less daylight and sunlight, which can have a negative impact on our condition. Many people suffer from an autumn dip during this period and therefore feel less inclined to do fun things. However, there are plenty of autumn activities you can do to counter such a dip and enjoy all the beauty autumn has to offer in the Heart of Limburg. Check out our tips for healthy and fit autumn experiences below.

Autumn hikes

A very accessible way to work on your health is hiking. Hiking has numerous benefits for your physical, mental and emotional fitness. It is important to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and hiking is a great way to contribute to this. Hiking in nature or simply outdoors can help reduce stress. This is because exercise stimulates the release of endorphins that give you a feeling of happiness and well-being. You can choose your own route, or take a special autumn hike that we have highlighted for you.

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Close up of man with hiking boots

Laughing is healthy!

Everyone knows the expression 'laughter is healthy', but did you know that it is really true? Laughter releases endorphins, so-called happiness hormones. It ensures that your overall state of mind is positively influenced. And where better to laugh than in a theater? You can go to a funny theater performance or see your favorite comedian. Laughter guaranteed! View the various theaters in the Heart of Limburg here.

Theaters in Limburg

The characteristic red theater seats


Relax in a wellness center in Limburg. Enjoy a spa, sauna or tanning bed. Get a massage and feel the fatigue leave your body. Escape the hectic pace of the work week and enjoy serene tranquility. Relax and de-stress during a spiritual day or session. This way you can get back to work with a charged battery when you get home.

Wellness centers for total relaxation

The interior of a wooden sauna

Museums and exhibitions

Did you know that visiting a museum can also contribute to your health and well-being? When you visit, you walk around and get active, your brain is stimulated and your senses are stimulated by all there is to see, hear and experience. Many museums have permanent and temporary exhibitions, so there is something interesting for everyone.

Museums in Limburg

2 girls are building their own interactive church in the Cuypershuis in Roermond

The harvest season

Autumn is traditionally the season when many crops and agricultural products are harvested. These regional products packed with vitamins and minerals then find their way to the various restaurants and lunchrooms where the tastiest dishes are made from them. This way you get a delicious, fresh dish that is also incredibly healthy!

10 places for a delicious autumn lunch

Damianz's cook prepares the food at the table at the Arresthuis

Autumn holidays 2023

One of the best things about autumn is the autumn holidays! Enjoy a week off to enjoy a short holiday together, fun days out in nature and the best indoor activities. The heart of Limburg is an ideal destination to spend the autumn holidays with family and friends. Click on the link below to see what you can do here during the autumn holidays 2023!

Fun things to do during the autumn holidays

Son sits on daddy's neck during a walk in the woods during the autumn holidays