Walking & Hikingin Limburg

Hiking and Walking

In Limburg, you can enjoy hiking. Enjoy the watery landscape formed centuries ago by the Maas River, the wooded surroundings, interspersed with the most beautiful hiking trails through the open fields and the characteristic village centers with an amount of cozy resting points and terraces

Hiking route planner

In North and Central Limburg there are about 3300 km of hiking routes. These routes are based on walking junctions and lead you along the most beautiful places in the region. With the wandelrouteplanner you can put together your own walk based on the walking junction network. You can start at any node and determine the direction of the route yourself. Simply download your self-made walking route on your phone. So choose your route, put on your walking shoes and go for it!

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Hiking trails

Nature lovers will enjoy the beautiful hiking trails in Limburg. From extraordinary sights to scenic forests, this province offers a range of options for hikers of all abilities. We've listed a number of routes for you. No matter which route you choose, every hike in Limburg promises to be an unforgettable experience for nature lovers.

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Long-distance walks

Limburg is also home to several long-distance hiking trails for avid hikers. The famous Pieterpad, a 429 km long walk from Pieterburen to the St. Pietersberg, traverses our region with stages 22, 23 and 24. In addition, the stages of the Pilgrim Trail, (a walking route to Santiago de Compostela) and the Hertogenpad (a path from Breda to Roermond) are very worthwhile. A special and longer route is the River Park Maasvallei. Voted best hiking trail of the year in 2021, this 137-km route runs along the banks of the Meuse River, between Maastricht/Lanaken and Thorn/Kessenich, in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Theme walks

In addition to the numerous beautiful walking routes you can explore on your own in Limburg, there are also several guided theme walks available, where you will learn all about a specific topic. Every month themed walks are organized in Limburg. Accompanied by a VVV guide, you will discover the most fascinating historical and fascinating locations in Limburg. The starting times and costs of these city, village and nature walks vary per themed tour.

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Hap & Stap

Hap & Stap is a unique activity in Limburg where walking and culinary enjoyment come together. You follow a special route and make stops at different restaurants along the way to taste delicious dishes. It is the perfect opportunity to walk, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the local culinary delights. Hap & Stap offers a great combination of exercise, nature and good food.

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Walking with the dog

Limburg has many nice areas to walk the dog in. Go out in the beautiful countryside and let your dog explore the woods while sniffing. Running loose? You can, but look for the right areas for this. In off-leash areas and dog playgrounds, your dog can run free and socialize with others. And not only your dog can socialize here; dog playgrounds are ideal places to meet other owners and exchange tips! 

 Tips for a fun dog walk

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Hiking maps

Limburg is known for its hospitality for hikers. Here you can fully enjoy beautiful walks. So get out your walking shoes and go on an adventure. In the webshop of Hart van Limburg you will find junction maps, walking maps or you can choose a bite and step arrangement, where you can enjoy delicious snacks along the way.

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