Walking withthe dog

Walking the dog: A girl takes a selfie with her dog

All about nice walks with your dog in Limburg

Limburg has many nice places to explore with your dog. Read everything about dog walking here: from walking in off-leash areas to meeting other four-legged friends on dog playgrounds and leash walks. Go out in the most beautiful natural areas of Limburg and give your dog an unforgettable time.

Leash area National Park de Meinweg

National Park de Meinweg has two off-leash areas: Melickerheide and Zandbergen. The name Zandbergen says it all: it is quite hilly here. The dogs can run around and dig. Follow a route or wander around on your own. Please note: there are country lanes through the exercise area, so there may be cars on some of the roads. It is therefore important that your dog listens carefully.

Walking the dog : a dog is playing in the water in national park de Meinweg

Walking areas on the lead

Is your dog not yet able to walk on the lead? No worries, there are also very nice areas where you can walk your leashed dog. For example, go for a walk through the Boshuizerbergen or the Leudal. Or choose a walk among the Scottish Highlanders in Maaspark Ooijen-Wanssum. Dogs are also welcome in De Groote Peel National Park, on a leash. 

A girl walks with her dog in the forrest

Meet others at dog play areas

There are many dog owners in the municipality of Beesel. That is why a number of years ago a dog play area called 't Greun Veldje was created in Reuver. Here, dogs can play happily together and their owners can have a chat.

There are dog playgrounds in almost every municipality. For more information, contact the relevant municipality.

Two dogs play with a frisbee at the playing field

A day at the beach

Is your dog a real water rat? Then a beach day at Area-X is the perfect outing for you! At Doggy Beach in Roermond you and your dog can cool down. Your dog can not only swim, but also learn how to SUP!

The entrance fee is 5,- for a whole day and is valid for a maximum of two people and one dog. The parking fee is also included in the price. If you want to come along with more people, that is also possible. There is a small surcharge at the entrance. Doggy Beach is open from 11:00 to 20:00.

A kid plays with his dog in the water. The boy is sitting on a sup board