Water sports in Limburg

Enjoying the water in a speedboat

Water sports paradise

The Maasplassen in Limburg are the largest connected water sports area in the Netherlands. Especially in the summer, this is a great place to be. Enjoy the summerbreeze on the water. Discover all the water sports you can do here. 

Suppen or canoeing 

Discover Limburg on a SUP-board or in a canoe. Suppen is totally hot and trendy. Whether you choose for SUP Yoga, SUP biking or 'traditional' supping. You can experience it all in Limburg. Stand Up Paddling is guaranteed fun and enjoyment. Besides exploring the surroundings, it is also a sportive activity. 


Supbiking on the Maasplassen

Boat and sloop rental

Do you enjoy sailing on the water? In Limburg you can rent a boat or sloop at various places. Sailing is also a must do. Click on the button 'Boat Rental' and find out which boat suits you. 

Boat Rental

Wakeboarding on the Maasplassen

Extreme water sports

Do you like a challenge or are you ready for an adrenaline kick? Then an extreme water sport is for you. How about wakeboarding on the Maasplassen? Or take a dive into the deep with real diving equipment. 

Extreme water sports

Sailing in a sloop on the Maasplassen

Beaches and beach clubs

In Limburg you will find a number of different beaches where you can enjoy a wonderful day at the water. Enjoy the sun and take a refreshing dip in one of the many recreational lakes. You will also find several trendy beach clubs and nice lounge bars. Here you can enjoy a snack and a drink by the water, often until late in the evening.

Beaches in Limburg

Woman enjoys a drink by the water

Angling on the Maasplassen

Are you looking for a quiet place to fish? On the Maasplassen, there are many good and quiet places to go angling. Both sport fishing and recreational angling are popular at the Maasplassen. You will need a fishing licence (the VISpas) or a weekly licence.

Angling in Limburg

Guy is standing in the water of the Maasplassen, enjoying angling