E-bikes in front of De Pelen visitor centre sign

E-biking in Limburg

E-biking through Limburg

There is plenty to see and experience in Limburg every season. Would you like to discover (more of) Limburg by e-bike? E-biking is a great way to enjoy Limburg. The region offers an extensive network of cycling paths and routes, making it easy to enjoy the beautiful nature and picturesque villages in the area. Moreover, electric bikes can also be rented at various locations in Limburg, making it easier for visitors to explore the region on two wheels.

Exploring Limburg by E-bike

Limburg is popular with cyclists for a reason. Nature is beautiful, varied and certainly ideal to explore by e-bike. Both short and long distances are very worthwhile! Take a look at our Cycling in Limburg page for extra inspiration and tips. These cycling tips are also useful to know in advance. With the cycle route planner, it is also possible to put together your own route.

Cycling route planner

Information board with cycle junctions at Montfort Castle

E-bike routes in Limburg

E-biking is definitely recommended in Limburg. There are many paved and wide paths that are passable with an electric bike. Thanks to the electric assistance, you need to exert less effort while cycling and can therefore cover longer distances more easily. The e-bike offers more opportunities to make beautiful trips and discover new areas. Check out our beautiful e-bike cycling routes of at least 50 kilometres. 

E-bike routes in Limburg

Couple e-biking over a hill

Charging stations

Run out of battery while on the road? No worries! There are countless charging stations in Limburg. While charging, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a delicious piece of Limburg flan. Are you in the Roermond area? Because here you will find five free charging points for electric bikes in the city centre.

Charging stations for e-bikes

Charging station for an e-bike in Roermond

Buy an e-bike at Green Drive

At bike shop Green Drive in Oostrum, you can buy an e-bike. Here you can also convert your bicycle into an e-bike. You will experience the best service at Green Drive in Oostrum

Green Drive Oostrum

The company van of Green Drive bicycle shop in Oostrum