Lucky spot 17 Roerdalen: The wheel of fortune

The Gitstappermolen has a large wheel, the wheel of fortune.

The water and Lady Fortune make this wheel of fortune turn all day long. From windfall to setback. This watermill has great value. It was built in the 14th century along the Rode Beek, one of the cleanest streams in the Netherlands. The land border runs right through the middle of the stream. The splashing water when you are sitting on the terrace with friends.


The Wheel of Fortune is located at the Gitstappermolen on the Gitstappermolenweg 3 in Vlodrop.

Small fortune in Roerdalen 

Every Geluksplek (lucky spot) in Roerdalen is a good starting point to work on your own happiness. At each place, the tips for happiness challenge you to get to work in a unique way. A handy booklet is available with all these Lucky spots, a map and all the background information. You can order it from our webshop.

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Contact and location

Geluksplek 17 Roerdalen: Het Rad van Fortuin
Gitstappermolenweg 3
6063 NT
Ook op deze locatie


De afstanden genoemd in onderstaande tegels zijn de afstanden vanaf de bovenstaande locatie.

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