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Tourist Information office

Are you looking for tourist information about the municipality of Peel en Maas and its surroundings? At VVV Baarlo you've come to the right place.

Baarlo in the municipality of Peel and Maas

The village of Baarlo, situated between Peel and Maas, knows how to unite nature, history and art. From the Market, for example, you can see a lot of history such as the old washing place, the water mill, castle D'Erp on the castle meadow and, of course, works of art by the world-famous artist Tajiri.

VVV Baarlo product range

You will find the tourist information center VVV Baarlo shop in the Grotestraat, not far from the Markt. In this shop you will find lots of information about the area, a wide range of cycling and walking maps, regional products and ideas for excursions. We can also advise you on where to eat well and which address is suitable for an overnight stay. In short: tailor-made personal advice. 

VVV Baarlo also offers various gift cards such as the VVV gift card, the Peel en Maas giftcard, the Nationale Bioscoopbon, the Peel en Maas aetbón and many more.

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