Walking route: Ommetje Maasbree

Dorpsstraat 33
5993 AL

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Length: 6 km. The route is largely paved and therefore also suitable for wheelchair users.

Maasbree has been linked to Baarlo for many years. After 1794, the French army occupied the area and a new administrative organisation came into being. Municipalities with less than 5000 inhabitants were joined together to form the 'Mairie de Bree', from 1818 called Maasbree.

The Peddestool
The start of the route is located at the church and junction 72. Here you will find a work of art by Jan Janssen that symbolises the long-standing connection between Maasbree and Baarlo. Jan Janssen selected the most striking buildings, which have strongly determined the history of Maasbree: the church, the pump, the readhoës, the school, the kloester, café van Oijen, hoës Van d Loë and the 'ermenhuuske'. This work of art is called the "Peddestool" and points with an arrow in the direction of Baarlo. It symbolises the long-standing relationship with this village centre.

The Ox
During this walk you will pass various works of art that are certainly worth stopping at. You can find 'De Os' (The Ox) on the Pastoor Leursstraat between junctions 73 and 21. It was exhibited at a fair in Brussels around 1990, where it was bought by the Helden landscaper Ves Reinders. He later donated the work to the Maas Brewery community.

From junction 20 onwards, you are introduced to the beautiful nature of Maasbree. Via 't Heeske and the hamlet of Everlo you walk back towards the village via junctions 97 and 93. 

To view this art, follow: 72-70-93-97-94-83-28-25-22-24-20-21-73-72.

Route: 5-10 km.
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